Winner of the Security Company of the Year 2023

09 November 2023

Broadstone Risks: Synonymous with Excellence in Security

Winning the UK Business Awards for Security Company of the Year 2023 is more than just an accolade for Broadstone Risks; it's a testament to the attributes that clients should prioritize when seeking top-tier security services. This prestigious recognition showcases Broadstone Risks' unparalleled expertise, innovation, and quality, making them the go-to choice for high-profile clients and corporations.

At the heart of Broadstone Risks' success is a team of exceptional security experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and specialized skills. CEO Peter Miles, a British Security and Intelligence professional, has protected some of the world's biggest celebrities, leveraging his expertise in both physical security and cyber investigations​​.

David Langdown MVO, the Director of US Operations, offers decades of experience with the London Metropolitan Police, having protected senior members of the Royal Family and high-profile international visitors​​.

The Global Director of Protective Security at Broadstone Risks' excels in covert surveillance and counter-reconnaissance, emphasizing the importance of discreet, yet effective security solutions​​. Meanwhile, the Director of Social Media Intelligence and Drone Services, Richard Ryan, brings a unique blend of legal and military experience, highlighting Broadstone Risks' forward-thinking approach in integrating technology with security​​.

The award mirrors Broadstone Risks' adaptability in the face of modern security challenges. Their ability to provide comprehensive solutions – from traditional protective services to innovative social media intelligence – sets them apart in an industry where threats are increasingly complex.

Clients seeking security services need a provider that combines experience, innovation, and a proven track record. Broadstone Risks with its team of esteemed experts and its recent accolade, exemplifies these qualities, positioning itself as the ideal partner for today's top celebrities, corporate entities, and anyone in need of world-class security solutions.

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