Intelligence empowering affective response

Broadstone Risks case studies demonstrate our varied ability and skill. They show how by merging services, we can offer options for  timely and relevant actionable intelligence, to empower response strategies that meet and exceed modern client needs.


Social Media Intelligence Threat Report

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Social Media Intelligence can enhance early threat indicators, investigations and evidence building content for the bigger picture, and the response strategy.

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Protecting Documents

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Securing sensitive documentation and preventing data leaks. Controlling content using permission and instant pull back ability. Analyse content usage in real time using built in analytics. When data is so important, the ability to control it is vital.

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Close Protection and Social Media Threat Monitoring (SOCMINT)

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Sometimes physical security is not enough. The ability to secure larger groups, locations and brands needs a suite of effective services. Our combined close protection and social media intelligence services allow us to see threats beyond just our line of sight.

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