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Peter Miles

Peter Miles is an established British Security and Intelligence professional.

Peter Miles, the CEO of Broadstone Risks, is a distinguished figure in the British security and intelligence field, celebrated for his deep expertise in close protection, celebrity security, and cyber investigations. His journey through the realms of covert and protective surveillance, policing, physical security, and risk management spans over two decades and over 90 countries, reflecting a career dedicated to excellence and innovation.
Peter's leadership at Broadstone Risks has been marked by a commitment to safeguarding high-profile individuals and brands across the globe, including renowned names like Beyonce, Jay Z, Lionel Richie, and Ariana Grande. This dedication has steered elite government-level security and crisis management teams to success across all continents.
Recognitions Reflecting Leadership and Vision
In 2024, Peter was honored with the Global Recognition Award, CEO of the Year in the US Business Awards. This award serves as a testament to his outstanding leadership and strategic vision, particularly in the complex global security environment. Additionally, he was named Visionary of the Year 2024, an accolade that acknowledges Peter's foresight and innovative strategies which continually set new standards in the security and intelligence sector. Furthermore, Peter's exemplary leadership skills and commitment to excellence were celebrated as he was recognized as Business Leader of the Year 2024, underscoring the significant impact he has made on the industry.
A Career Grounded in Service and Expertise
A former officer with the United Kingdom Home Office and the London Metropolitan Police, Peter has specialized in securing clients who require the utmost in discreet, intelligent security and protective intelligence. His work continues to play a crucial role in safeguarding important personnel and business interests worldwide.
As CEO, Peter’s approach is characterized not just by an ambition to lead but by a desire to serve—both his clients and his team at Broadstone Risks. His leadership is about making a tangible difference in the world of security and intelligence.
Peter Miles remains dedicated to leading Broadstone Risks ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovation while maintaining the core values of service and protection that have always defined its mission.
Director of US Operations

David Langdown MVO

David Langdown’s career embodies a remarkable journey through the echelons of security and protection, distinguished by a profound commitment and unparalleled expertise. Spanning over three decades, David's tenure with the London Metropolitan Police laid the foundation for what would become an illustrious career marked by service, leadership, and a global footprint in protective security.

A Career Defined by Elite Service

David dedicated 32 years of his life to the London Metropolitan Police, with the latter half of his career being deeply involved with the SO14(2), subsequently known as the Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit (RaSP). It was here, as a ranking officer, that David honed his skills in the art and discipline of protection and security at its highest levels.

His leadership extended to the crucial task of selecting and training close protection officers, showcasing his commitment not just to security, but to nurturing the next generation of protection professionals. This role underscored his expertise and his dedication to maintaining rigorous standards of excellence in the field.

Protecting Dignitaries and Royals

David's exceptional service record includes the personal protection of the most senior members of the British Royal Family, both domestically and on the international stage. He had the distinct honor of serving HM Queen Elizabeth II, the then Prince of Wales, and notably spent significant periods protecting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

But his protective reach extended beyond the royal family; David was also integral in safeguarding key political figures and high-profile international VIPs visiting the UK, demonstrating his versatility and the trust placed in his abilities.

Global Experience and Recognition

David's protection duties took him around the world, involving him in the meticulous planning and execution of numerous Royal tours. His participation in these tours placed him at the heart of historic moments, serving as both witness and guardian.

In recognition of his exemplary service, David was awarded the prestigious MVO (Member of the Victorian Order) by Her Majesty The Queen in 2022. This honor is a testament to his personal service to the monarch and the royal family, highlighting his contributions and the esteem in which he is held.

A New Chapter at Broadstone Risks

Bringing his vast experience and insights to Broadstone Risks in 2022, David now significantly contributes to the company’s international operations. His focus on royal and government-level protective services enriches Broadstone Risks with a depth of expertise rarely found in the field.

David Langdown’s career is a testament to his dedication, leadership, and the high standards he embodies. His work not only reflects his personal achievements but also his ongoing contribution to the broader realm of security and protection, making him a true exemplar of excellence within the industry.

Global Director of Protective Security


Our Director of Protective Security is an expert in covert surveillance and counter reconnaissance.

In a landscape where security threats are increasingly complex and dynamic, our expert stands out as a beacon of excellence, bringing over a decade of invaluable experience from the front lines of covert policing. His journey through the realms of serious organized crime and counter-terrorism has not only shaped him into a formidable figure in security but also provided him with a distinct skill set that bridges the gap between law enforcement and corporate security needs.

Transition to Royalty and Specialist Protection

Elevating his career to the esteemed Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP) Command marked a significant chapter in his journey, underscoring his exceptional skill in safeguarding members of the British Royal Family. This role demanded unparalleled discretion, a profound understanding of security principles, and the resilience to perform under the most demanding circumstances, further honing his ability to navigate high-pressure environments with efficacy.

Training and Leadership

Beyond his operational achievements, he has played a critical role in shaping the next generation of security professionals. As a trainer for specialist police units across the UK and internationally, he has imparted his extensive knowledge and experience, developing comprehensive training programs that emphasize precision, adaptability, and decisive action in critical situations. His leadership in this domain showcases his commitment to elevating the standards of security and protection through education and mentorship.

Advisory and Assessment Roles

In his current role, he leads with distinction in government-level security assessments, physical penetration testing, and royalty protection strategies. His expertise is not confined to operational roles but extends to advisory capacities, where his insights into security best practices are sought after by political and diplomatic figures worldwide. This aspect of his work emphasizes the strategic depth of his understanding of security dynamics and his ability to devise innovative protective strategies that address contemporary security challenges.

Global Influence and Operational Excellence

His global influence is evident in the way he shapes the landscape of protective services, offering solutions that adeptly balance risk with practicality. As a modern security professional, he embodies strategic foresight, operational excellence, and a dedication to the mission of safeguarding people and assets against evolving threats. His career is a testament to the critical role that seasoned security experts play in navigating the complexities of today's security environment, making him an indispensable asset to the corporate security sphere and beyond.



Our Head of Training of Protective Training is a former officer of The Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Division.

Our Head of Training for Protective Training brings a wealth of experience and specialized expertise from a distinguished tenure within The Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Division. As a seasoned security leader, his profound skill set in proactive investigations, covert operations, and close protection has positioned him as a formidable figure in the realm of global security, particularly in safeguarding high-ranking dignitaries and politicians.

Diplomatic Security and VIP Protection

His critical involvement with the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC) underlines his pivotal role in shaping the close protection protocols for some of the world's most influential leaders, including the President of the United States, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and President Vladimir Putin. These assignments have not only sharpened his negotiation skills but have also deepened his expertise in diplomatic security, VIP protection, and the nuances of international security operations.

Legislative Security and Protective Strategy

Beyond his operational achievements, he has been instrumental in drafting and implementing security procedures for the UK’s Members of Parliament and a comprehensive roster of Protected Individuals. His work in this area showcases his adeptness in legislative security, risk assessment, and the development of protective strategies that ensure the safety of national figures under his watch.

A Global Authority in Protective Security

Regarded as a subject matter expert in global protective security, his expertise spans executive protection, threat analysis, and the development of sophisticated security protocols. His knowledge and approach are deeply rooted in practical experience, complemented by an insightful understanding of the ever-changing landscape of international security and dignitary protection.

This unparalleled blend of skills, experience, and expertise makes our Head of Training an invaluable asset to our team, enriching our training programs with real-world insights and forward-thinking strategies. His leadership not only enhances the capabilities of those he trains but also contributes significantly to the advancement of protective security practices worldwide.


Mark Williams

With over two decades of distinguished service, Mark Williams, Director of Operations for Australia and South America at Broadstone Risks, has emerged as a vanguard of the security industry, particularly within the high-stakes realm of entertainment. His tenure has been characterized by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by global tour security and international travel logistics.

A Trusted Name in Entertainment Security

Mark's expertise is not just recognized but sought after in the world of close protection, tour security, and celebrity protection. Having worked with an illustrious roster of entertainment icons, including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Will.I.Am, Eminem, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Flo Rida, Mark has demonstrated unparalleled proficiency in ensuring the safety and privacy of high-profile clients. His work highlights a specialized approach to VIP protection, adapting to the dynamic needs of the entertainment industry with agility and precision.

Beyond Entertainment: A Global Security Perspective

Mark's influence extends beyond the glittering lights of the entertainment industry. His experience with protecting foreign royalty and other dignitaries underscores his ability to navigate complex cultural and geopolitical landscapes. This aspect of his career speaks to a versatile skill set that is as applicable in the corridors of global diplomacy as it is backstage at a concert.

Leadership and Innovation at Broadstone Risks

Under Mark's guidance, Broadstone Risks has continued to redefine the benchmarks for secure travel logistics and tour security. His innovative strategies and deep insights into the nuances of tour security have positioned Broadstone Risks as a leader in executive protection, event security management, and risk assessment for global tours. Mark’s forward-thinking approach ensures that the company not only meets the current standards of international secure travel and entertainment security but also shapes the future direction of the industry.


Richard Ryan

Our Director of Social Media Intelligence is a barrister with 25 years commercial and military experience.

Richard Ryan stands at the forefront of Broadstone Risks, steering the direction of Social Media Intelligence and Drone Services with an exceptional blend of expertise spanning the commercial, military, and legal sectors. His remarkable journey over 25 years has been pivotal in elevating our capabilities in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), thereby fortifying our global protective services with real-time, actionable intelligence.

A Distinguished Legal and Military Background

A barrister by training, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse perspective to the intricacies of security operations. His tenure as Senior Legal Counsel for both startups and defense contractors has imbued him with a nuanced understanding of the legal challenges and requirements in security and defense. His ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, especially in risk management and corporate security, stems from his experiences as an Executive Director and Advocate with a leading global insurance broker.

Richard’s military service is equally distinguished. With over 30 years in The Parachute Regiment, he has developed a deep-rooted understanding of tactical operations, leadership under pressure, and strategic planning—skills that are indispensable in the high-stakes world of security.

Innovating the Future of Drone Operations

Currently engaged in pursuing a PhD in Drone Law, Richard is actively involved in shaping the legal and technological framework surrounding drone operations. His role as a legal advisor to the House of Lords on the Drone Bill places him at the epicenter of legislative development, highlighting his influence on the future of drone legislation—a critical aspect of global security and surveillance.

At Broadstone Risks, Richard’s visionary leadership in integrating drone technology into our security solutions underscores our commitment to technological innovation. His unique combination of legal acumen, military precision, and advanced technological insight positions us uniquely to navigate the evolving landscape of global security operations and positions Broadstone Risks for sustained growth and leadership in the industry.

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