Protecting Documents

Broadstone Risks's technology was used to safeguard a major business event that required a high level of intelligent protection for sensitive business documentation. The client, having been a victim of intellectual property theft, had to find a solution to protect their business data from the risk of potential data leakage.

The business event was held for people attending in person, and attending with an online presence from across the globe. The key was enabling a strategy to ensure documentation sent to electronic devices during the event, could be retrieved upon completion of the event, effectively leaving a device sterile of presentation data.

Broadstone Risks systems enabled us to control the distribution and dissemination of documentation in a secure format, to individuals, business groups and a large wider audience, all of whom needed differing access of controlled information. Broadstone technology enabled all business documents to be protected from being printed, electronic redistribution and image capture.

Broadstone were able to prevent data leaks caused by security flaws in other data sharing platforms, and could provide an auto generated audit trail with tracking, of when, by who, and where content was reviewed.

This technology enabled an effective strategy to protect the client and their business intelligence.

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