Social Media Intelligence Threat Report

Broadstone Risks conducted an in-depth open source social media intelligence study after a number of major terrorist incidents in the United Kingdom.

The report was produced to try and identify a way of utilising a new intelligent approach and understanding, to support the modern threats faced in protecting private individuals, public figures, corporate organisations, and the agencies invested in the risk management of large scale public and high profile events.

The report demonstrated clear identifiable markers, that when applied to major events, and crowded spaces, could provide extended timeframes, and real time actionable intelligence to support security and intelligence agencies with a response tactic and investigative tool to major security vulnerabilities.

SOCMINT or Social Media Intelligence when adopted as part of a risk management strategy, enables us to look at a landscape and build a picture, a sentiment of feeling. When we talk about terror threats, and the questions are so important, it helps provide the answers.

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